02 February 2014

I'm Still Here!

Havn't posted any cool stuff in a while so I thought I'd give any readers or accidental visitors a quick heads up. After AGES of searching I have finally found full time employment and started on 2 JAN. The job involves working outdoors and as such is weather reliant. Lately here in the panhandle we've been getting some arctic blasts as some may have seen on the news but basically right now I work when I'm needed for how long I'm needed. Once things chill out and we get back to a normal schedule I'll be working (or predisposed for work) 12 hours a day 4 days a week but that can increase up to 6 days a week.

Basically I have had almost no time to myself lately. I'm still in collect mode picking up ships, 6mm Israelis, and 15mm US moderns when I can. I plan on ordering 4 of Khurasan's M1A2s soon and my box with 2 Italieri UH-60 choppers from Poland has cleared customs and should be here next week.

I'm hoping to post up a battery of Soltam artillery within the next month. I have all the stuff I need to make the conversion (Soltam have 4 wheels per piece whereas the US counterparts have 2) but I was waiting on suitable artillery crews since GHQ makes no modern crews. I ended up just ordering their WWII Russian arty crews. I will make it work. Once I get organized and am able to budget my time and money better I am hoping to do a steady release of things as I sort and then prioritize all of this metal.

Thanks for reading and I hope to have some more eye candy soon.

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